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Appreciating good art
Mr. Robert Fischer 
3rd Grade Teacher 
Dr. H.N.Richardson School
Room 225
Welcome to the year 2013 and the promise of  great things to come.
On these pages, you will find the most current information that I would like
to share with you, along with some websites and a book list 
that may be of interest to you and your child.
Our Daily Schedule
8:35-8:50 - Breakfast in the Classroom
8:50-9:35 - Journal Writing, Calendar Math, Homework Review 
9:35-10:20 - Specials (itemized below)
10:20-11:50 - Guided Reading, Writing, and Working with Words
11:50-12:35 Math (Monday, Tuesday, and Friday)
Library or Computers on Wednesday and Thursday)
11:50-12:35 - Lunch
1:20-2:05 - Math (Wednesday and Thursday)
SSR on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday
2:05-2:50 - Science and Social Studies
Our Daily Specials
9:35-10:20 (except where noted)

Monday - Physical Education (Remember Sneakers)
Tuesday - Physical Education (Sneakers Again)
Wednesday - Music and Computers at 11:50
Thursday - Art and Library at 11:50 (Book Return)
Friday - Health
A nice piece of art