• locus
    Reading Specialist
    Ext: 26-319

    Educational Philosophy:
    "Look with thine ears"
    The Reading Specialists at S.E. Shull Middle School, grades 5,6,7, & 8, use school data and other reading assessments to organize students into small groups to improve reading comprehension, phonemic awareness, vocabulary decoding skills, fluency, and finally test scores.  
    This year the Reading Specialists are very excited about literacy at Shull. Research shows the foundation of reading is acquiring new vocabulary. The Specialists uses mutli-sensory techniques and other strategies to help students acquire the skills necessary to achieve grade-level reading. To achieve this, Reading Specialists were Orton Gillingham trained over the summer; Orton Gillingham is a phonics-based program emphasizing word acquisition through pattern recognition, decoding, and other "self-correcting" reading skills, so skilled readers, according to currrent research, can accurately and automatically read multisyllabic words by forming connections between letter units (i.e., syllables) in a word and their speech sounds in memory, instead of depending on letter-by-letter correspondence.