Mrs. L. Nogueira
     Samuel E. Shull School
     Language Arts & Social Studies 
     Gifted and Talented Language Arts 


    Professional Learning Community Leader



    Teacher of English and Elementary Education 

    Masters Degree in Elementary Education 



    My greatest reward as a teacher is witnessing the metamorphosis within my students as they improve their reading, writing and thinking skills. Everyday, every moment is a colossal challenge to reach each one of my students. The most difficult part of my job is helping students to realize that learning is a partnership. Students must actively participate during class by paying close attention, thinking, practicing, etc.
    The stones students lay today will build the foundation of their future. Students must come to school prepared in earnest to learn. Most of all students should feel proud of themselves when trying their best and constantly strive to improve in their studies. Education must be a priority in all of our students lives in school and at home. Learning does not stop for students at dismissal time; it is a life-long activity!


               "The best way to predict the future is to create it."