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McGinnis Middle School Social Studies 
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8th Grade Social Studies
United States History
Colonization - Civil War  
Del  lincoln

Grading System:

Class work and Projects – 15%

  • Students will be given new class assignments every day in the groups.
  • Homework will be assigned if class work assignments are not finished on time.  Homework will be given out at least once a week

    Projects - 20%
  • Some class work assignments or P.B.L.s (Projects) may be marked as a project grade.  Some projects will be take home projects.
    • Projects: 2-3 per Unit

Quizzes – 30%

  • Quizzes will be given every week to assess student’s knowledge on the information.

Tests - 35%

  • Tests will be given after each chapter.

Classroom Procedure:

Do Now & Essential Questions:  5-10 Minutes

  • Students will begin class with a Do Now assignment, which will be located on the board everyday.  Do Now assignments will be followed by a classroom discussion. 

Whole Instruction / New Material: 

  • Every day there will be new notes and new material on the board or handed out.


  • Student to Student Groups:
    • P.B.L.s  - Project Based Learning
    • Guided Reading – Textbook and Outside sources
    • Tier Words – Definition and word analysis
    • Geography – Study of maps and locations
    • Writing
    • Independent Core Novels -  Brother Sam is Dead 


  • Students will review what they have learned throughout the period.



 Marking Period Layout: 

  • 1st Marking Period – Exploration, Colonization, 13 Colonies, History of Perth Amboy 
  • 2nd Marking Period – 13 Colonies, Road Towards Independence, and American Revolution
  • 3rd Marking Period – Creating a New Government
  • 4th Marking Period- Political Development through Reconstruction