Mrs. Kathy Meier Grade 5 math and science teacher
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    I also have the Remind App for my classes, if you want it and do not have my codes to get in feel free to e-mail me and I will send them out to you.  Also if you want your student it have it you can sign them up but you have to do that I can not, they must have your permission.   
    Mrs. Meier has taught at McGinnis School for 8 years teaching both Math 8 and Algebra. This is her third year teaching 5th grade Math and Science at McGinnis School.
    This is her 26th year of teaching.
    Her Undergraduate Degree is from Rutgers College.
    Her Graduate Degree is in Instruction and Curriculum from Kean University.
    Mrs. Meier has taught Science, Computers and Math...but Math is her favorite!