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    Grade 6
    & AVID Elective
    Room 237
    Ext: 26237
    Welcome to Mrs. Cafferty's Math Class!
    Students can access district digital programs by visiting idportal.paps.net and can access all class materials through Google Classroom.
    Students who miss class must check Google Classroom for any make-up assignment information, including daily notes!
    To view a copy of the syllabus, which includes all the topics that will be covered this school year, please click the appropriate link below.
    To view how to join Talking Points to stay in contact this school year, please click the appropriate link below.
  • If you wish to meet for parent conferences, please click here  and select an available time slot. Please email me at francafferty@paps.net to confirm. I will then send home with your child the letter you need to show the front desk in order to enter the building.

    If you are unable to find a time that works for you, please email me and we can set up a meeting or phone call at another time.

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  • Grading -

    Math Grades are calculated as follows:

    60% Assessments - Tests, Quizzes, Projects, Quizizz 

    35% Classwork - Mathia, Note Taking, Worksheets, Desmos

    5% Homework - Lesson Assignment pages, Blookets 

    AVID Elective Grades are calculated as follows:

    60% Assessments - Tutorials (TRF Forms), Quizzes, Projects, Oral Presentations

    35% Classwork - Binders, Cornell Notes, Quick-Writes, Participation in Activities

     5% Homework - Learning Logs, Lesson Debriefs, Reflections


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