• Philosophy Statement



       As an educator I believe that first and foremost, it is important to look at each child as an individual. The teacher serves as a role model for the students and understands that each child learns differently and at their own rate. A child brings their own experiences, attitudes, skills, interests, and problems with them to school and to your classroom each day. As an educator it is my job to use reflective practice; to rethink, reconsider, reflect and rework my lessons to best suit each of my students.

       I feel that children learn by doing rather than being lectured.  Socrates once saidI cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think. I agree with this quote one hundred percent, a child can be guided but must learn by themselves through physical knowledge, social knowledge, and logico-mathematical. Physical knowledge is gained from doing hands on activities. Social knowledge is learned from others; acceptance, values, and language. Logico-mathematical knowledge understands a logical relationship through observing, comparing, and reasoning.

        The environment is another aspect I feel is important to a student’s ability to learn so, this is something that is always taken into consideration within my classroom or gymnasium. A classroom should always feel safe and inviting to a student so that he or she is comfortable to discover, invent, create and learn. The classroom as well as the gymnasium should be not only physically safeguarded with all of the right equipment and accident prone areas taken into consideration, it should also be psychologically safe for a student.  I as the teacher as well as role model must make it a point to create a community of children who share the same qualities as a strong family, which means my students, like a family will be respectful, caring, safe, and supportive.

        The family like atmosphere of my classroom is important but, a student’s actual family is also a very important part in the development of a child. As a teacher, parental involvement is a key to success with students. I feel that it is important to have first-class knowledge of a child’s development and relay that message to the parents. Communication with parents is crucial; I want the parents to know what type of teacher I am. I want them to see that I am strict yet very flexible. I want them to see that I realize each students needs are different and that I take each of their needs into consideration.

        Classroom management will be well focused on within my teaching style. If the room is not managed properly, or the teacher is unorganized, the students will be aware of it. That is why rules and consequences will be set right away and will be reinforced throughout the entire school year. The students within my classroom will understand that I am in the classroom to teach them, and to guide them towards a bright future. I want to make an impact on each of my students.   

        Lesson planning for student mastery with positive expectations is part of my philosophy on teaching. Differentiating my lessons to meet the needs of every child in my class means the most in my belief. Every student learns on a different level, some students begin the school year on a higher level than others. It is my job as an educator to further their knowledge as an individual not as a class itself.

        I believe there should be a love for the children as well as the profession of teaching. In my case I have both of these and I look forward to helping my students move forward, giving them the knowledge they need to live an active and healthy lifestyle throughout their lifetime! I pride myself on being a role model for my student, the students who are our future; the students who will make a difference.