• Hello!!!
    My name is Ms. Parlamis. I am an algebra 1 and 8th grade general math teacher at McGinnis. One thing that all my students know about me is I am a huge NY GIANTS fan. I always wear blue when the giants win a game. 
    I also believe that the success of math is to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. I always encourage my students to complete all homework assignments and come to me with any questions or topics they do not understand. ALEKS is a great resource for students to practice on. 
    On the reminded app 2021-2022: 
    The Avengers (pd 1/2): @6gd7e3
    The Guardians (pd 3/4): @8424f2bd
    The Justice League (pd 7/8): @78cbkh9
    Google Classroom 2021-2022:
    Homeroom : sv3d6bu
    The Avengers (pd 1/2) : 3wgnnei
    The Guardians (pd 3/4): 2wzq3rb
    The Justice League(pd 7/8) : jj3kcrq
    Supplies: Computer (fully charged), Notebook, Pencil/Pens and Highlights
    Time of Class
    The Avengers (pd1/2): 8:01-9:56
    The Guardians (pd 3/4): 9:56-11:30
    Justice League (pd 7/8): 1:04-2:38