• Here are some helpful websites you can try at home!

    Google Classroom- In the event of a school closing, assignments will be posted on Google Classroom!

    Alekshttp://www.aleks.com The Aleks website is used in your students' General Education Mathematics Classroom. This program tracks their individual progress in all mathematical concepts. As your student progresses and begins to master Common Core Standards, their "Aleks Pie" fills and their learning path becomes accustomed to their learning strengths and weaknesses. Ask your student to log into their account and show you around! 

    Class Dojo - http://classdojo.com In our classroom, each student has their own Dojo! This character keeps track of their participation, behavior and holds them accountable for the decisions they make in class. Please feel free to check in as often as you like to see how your student is doing. You can also contact me via the website if you have any questions or concerns. Downloading an available app would allow you to get automatic updates on you personal phone. You can also have your student change their character whenever they like.