• Hello and welcome to my page! My name is Julio Lopez and I am excited to begin working with you all and look forward to seventh grade.
    I was born in Newark NJ, but moved to Perth Amboy with my mother when I was five years old. I attended Number 5 school (which is now Patten School), Shull School, McGinnis School and the Perth Amboy High School where I graduated in 2001. Afterwards, I attended Rutgers University where I received my bachelor's degree in History. I began working at Shull School in 2006 as a permanent substitute and later a paraprofessional. After finally going back to school, I received my Master's Degree in Special Education in 2015.  
    Personally, I am have been married for 13 years to my amazing wife and we have two children and two dogs. We enjoy going to play parks, amusement parks, and sightseeing when the weather is nice. I am a huge football fan, especially of my Alma Mater Rutgers (Go RU!) and the Miami Dolphins, and played for Perth Amboy High School (Panther Pride!).  I am huge believer in our community and feel that the greatness of Perth Amboy too often goes overlooked. 
    Name: Julio Lopez
    Birthday: May 14
    Siblings: Melissa (29)
    In my spare time I: Enjoy spending time with my kids and going out to fun places
    Favorite thing I did this summer:  Visiting a bunch of new places with my kids
    One thing looking forward to this year: Working with new students in seventh grade
    One thing I'd change about school: I would change the attitudes of the students to better understand that school can be fun
    Favorite thing about school last year: Seeing my students progress as the school year went on
    Three adjectives used to describe myself: Helpful, Funny, Caring
     One thing I'm really good at: Helping others and finding solutions to problems
    An interesting fact about myself: I like theater and was in a production in high school