• Mrs. Kathy Meier Grade 5 Math and Science Teacher
    District Grading Policy
    60% Tests, Quizzes, Projects
    35% Classwork
    5% Homework
     Specific Class Policies
    Weekly Quizzes or Tests
    ALEKS - Must an assigned Number of Topics Per Week
    Cornell and ALEKS Notebooks Graded Each Week
    Test at the End of Each Chapter 
    InSchool Projects Throughout each Marking Period
    Portfolio of Work completed each Marking Period (Counts as a Project)
    Homework each Night except Friday - Graded each Night and Returned to help you study for Quizzes and Tests.
    Mrs. Meier is always available to help you with math or science, contact her and we will find a time that is good for both of us. 

    Mrs. Meier 5th Grade Math and Science Google Classroom Class Codes and Meeting Links



    Class Code  oiadlmr

    Meeting Link:  https://meet.google.com/lookup/etsq4uqcc4

    Period 2 Science with Ms. Angela Oliveria Rue and Mr. Jose Lugo and Mr. Dennis Sutton and Ms. Kathy Meier

    Class Code 2uj265u

    Meeting Link https://meet.google.com/lookup/gji6paksjz

    Period 3 and 4 Math with Ms. Jill Tretsky and Mr. Dennis Sutton and Ms. Kathy Meier

    Class Code ads5xwn

    Meeting Link https://meet.google.com/lookup/crbj5lcsse

    Period 6 Science with Ms. Kathy Meier

    Class Code md6x243

    Meeting Link https://meet.google.com/lookup/elfigeqr2w

    Period 7 and 8 Advanced Math with Ms. Kathy Meier

    Class Code rbtllus

    Meeting Link http://meet.google.com/lookuo/ggwnxfva3c