Notice & Note Signposts

Notice & Note Signposts

  • In Room 238, while we are reading our class novels, we are always on the lookout for any of these literary signposts.  When we recognize any of the six Notice & Note Signposts, we discuss it together, and then explain it on a post-it note to be put on our Notice & Note Signpost board.  We use all of the notes we have taken to observe any trends throughout different novels.


    Contrasts & Contradictions Contrasts & Contradictions

    • A character's actions or thoughts are the opposite of what you would typically expect.


    AHA Moment AHA Moment

    • The moment when the character suddenly figures out something important that changes them or the plot.



    Tough Questions Tough Questions

    • A point when the character stops and asks themselves a tough question.  It is usually an "I wonder..." or "Why..." type of question.


    Words of the Wiser Words of the Wiser

    • When an older and wiser character offers a life lesson of some sort to the main character.


    Again & Again (Motifs) Again & Again

    • When an image, word, or situation is repeated so often that the reader wonders about its importance.


    Memory Moment Memory Moment

    • A flashback or a pause in the story to reflect back on a memory.  These moments usually hold important information, even if you don't realize it yet.


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