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    Back to School Night Presentation

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    It is my pleasure to be your child’s Math Teacher for the 2020-2021 School Year! I believe in providing all students with a positive educational environment. With that in mind, the classroom policy that follows will help ensure that goal.

    I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions concerning your child’s progress via email at sumomendis@paps.net or via the Remind App. I will keep you informed by sending home monthly progress reports, as well as contact you if I see any problems regarding your child’s progress. My office hours are from 8am - 3pm.

    It is important that you and your child be informed of my standards of classroom behavior so everyone knows what is expected. When in our classroom, students are expected to comply with the following rules, which we have discussed together:

    • Log into the Google Meet a few minutes before class, in a quiet place with video on and the microphone muted.
    • Follow directions quickly.
    • Listen when your teacher is talking.
    • Raise your hand for permission to speak.
    • Respect others, respect your school, respect yourself.
    • Being prepared for class everyday with the following items:
      • Fully charged chromebook
      • Notebook
      • Pencils with erasers
    • Keep track of your daily/weekly assignments and their due dates on Google Classroom.
    • Applying 100% effort to every activity.
    • You MUST show work for each assignment and submit a picture of your work to receive full credit on any assignment (-20 points for not doing so).
    • When using chrome books, you may only use programs or websites you have been instructed to use. Social media sites are not to be used during class time.

    Marking Period Grades are determined as follows:

    • Tests/Quizzes/Projects: 65%
    • Classwork: 30%
    • Homework: 5%

    District Expectations are as follows:

    • Attend all classes during regularly scheduled times.
    • Remain online and logged into the Google Meet for the full class time.
    • Follow the “Student Code of Conduct” at all times.
    • The first 15 - 20 minutes of class time (direct instruction) will be recorded daily for absent students.

    If your child develops any difficulty conforming to the rules, I will notify you. I have always found parents/guardians to be very supportive of good classroom behavior so their child has a good environment for maximum learning.



    Ms. Mendis