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    Our major focuses this year will be to teach students the skills necessary for success in college and career, as well as to introduce students to a variety of careers that may fit their personal interests and the colleges or technical schools where their path may lead them toward their career goals.

    In the sixth grade elective class, students will learn the following skills:

    • Note Taking
    • Organization
    • Time Management
    • Goal Setting
    • Collaboration
      • Socratic Seminars
      • Philosophical Chairs
      • Tutorials
    • Writing Personal Narratives (Preparation for College Applications)
    • Proof Reading
    • Editorial Marks
    • Reading Comprehension Helpers
      • Marking the Text
      • Identify High Frequency Words to Assist Inferencing
      • Summarizing
      • Reflecting
      • Identify Unknown Vocabulary
    • Inquiry
    • How to Study
    • Identifying Point of Confusion
    • Using the Internet for Research
    • Self-Reliance

    and many more!

    Elective grades are based on a mixture of classwork and showing that the students are using the skills they learn in the elective in each of their daily classes. Students are expected to take notes in every class using the 5 Phases of Focused Note Taking on a regular basis.

    Student grades are also dependent on the student using their Binder as a portfolio with their work from all classes throughout the year. Part of the Binder grading is based on whether students have essential items in their binders. The essential items include notes from every class organized by date and with binder tabs, returned graded work for each class no matter the grade, their personal agenda which must be used daily to record homework assignments, and a pencil pouch with all required writing tools.

    As students are given all of their supplies by the elective teacher, the students really need to focus on maintaining the binder and making sure to hole punch and place all loose papers in the appropriate sections of their binders. Binder maintenance is a key responsibility and organization skill.