• chrome

    Shull provides every student a Chromebook for their daily classroom use. As tech-savvy teachers, we are very excited to have an endless supply of amazing educational apps and resources at our fingertips each day!

    However, while technology is exciting, it can also be overwhelming for students (and parents...and teachers...), so we will take it one step at a time.

    We continue to work alongside our students, to help improve and faciliate the most up to date skills, which they will meet within this technology advnaced world!

    Google Classrm This year, much of the work that students will do on their Chromebooks will be assigned and turned in through Google Classroom. Students use their existing Google account to access each subject area's digital classroom where videos, prompts, worksheets, links to presentations, and other assignments are posted in the forum-style setting. This forum allows for student-student and student-teacher interactions, all in a safe, private setting monitored by the teachers.

    Enrollment in each class on Google Classroom will occur during the first few weeks of school. Students can access Google Classroom from any device with Internet access. Parents and guardians can view Google Classroom by logging into their child's PAPS Google account.