Class Syllabus


  • Congratulations! Welcome to 8th grade Bilingual United States History! This course is designed to provide middle school students, like you, with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in United States History in English and Spanish.

    Students will have some type of assignment for this class every day, to prepare you for the NJSLA State Test, High School and YOUR FUTURE. Homework assignments will be announced in class and on Google Classroom. Please ask me for the Google Classroom code. Do not procrastinate as you MUST pass this class in order to be promoted to High School. Expect to work hard and to be challenged.

    Required Materials:

    1. One Notebook labeled SOCIAL STUDIES. This will be used for Cornell-style Notes taken in class and at home. Bring this notebook to EVERY CLASS. Notebooks are checked frequently and will account for a TEST GRADE each Marking Period. I collect these notebooks every 3 days; make sure your homework is completed!
    2. A duotang folder. This will hold any study guides, rubrics, papers, documents, worksheets or homework you will turn in. Bring to class EVERY DAY.
    3. A Student Weekly Academic Planner for the current school year. It will keep you organized with due dates and assignments. Bring to class EVERY DAY.
    4. Blue or Black ink pens and #2 pencils.


    Wednesday Study Sessions: Study sessions are available to help you revisit areas where you need help understanding certain topics. They are not sessions in which I re-teach topics covered in class. Study Sessions are open to anyone who wishes to study. Study Sessions are held on Wednesday mornings from 7:30am-8:00am. Study Sessions are for students to study either individually, in partners or in groups. Usually it helps if you are studying with a friend. If you are in an Athletics program, morning study sessions are EXTREMELY helpful. For every 5 Study Sessions attended, the student may get extra credit points on their next exam, per Marking Period. *Please let me know if you will attend Study Session so I can give you a pass the Tuesday before your Study Session.*

    Classroom Methods & Guidelines:

    1. Plan your studies accordingly. Make sure to write down your homework for the week in your Planner. If you need help, come to me as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate; it will bite you in the end. DUE DATES ARE FINAL. NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GIVEN..
    2. Late work will not be accepted. If you were absent (and it was excused), your work is due the following day you get back in school, whether you have me that day or not. No exceptions. Google Classroom assignments are due on the due date, no exceptions.
    3. All Assignments, unless submitted on Google Classroom or your notebook, are to be written, not typed, on white lined paper (8 ½ x 11) with your name, the date and class period in the upper right-hand corner (opposite the holes on the paper). As such, I do not accept assignments via e-mail or USB. If it is on Google Classroom, YOU must make sure you are submitting your own work. If you copy from anyone or anywhere, you will fail.
    4. I do check spelling and grammar in both languages. Please see General Grading Definitions.
    5. Exams are given at the end of each Chapter or Theme. Quizzes will be at random at the end of each Section or Concept. Please make sure to write these important dates from the board/Google Classroom in your planner and STUDY accordingly. I DO NOT DO RETAKES. You have one chance to pass. STUDY.
    6. I do not grade on a curve for ANY exam, quiz or assignment. The grade you get is the grade you’ve earned.
    7. Make-up: It is your responsibility to complete any work you missed because you were absent. DO NOWs, and Quizzes are not made up; you were either in class or you weren’t. You will need to see me before or after school.
    8. DO NOWs will be done within the first 5 minutes of class each day. You will walk in, sit down and start on it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. You will use the left side of your cornell-style notebook for this. BE SURE TO BRING YOUR NOTEBOOK WITH YOU EACH DAY. Each DO NOW should be numbered and dated. You will copy  the DO NOW and write your answer each day. At the end of each 3 days, I will collect your notebook for a notebook check. Your Notebook Check rubric will be stapled to your notebook. At the end of each Marking Period, all your notebook grades will be averaged to make your Notebook Test Grade for that Marking Period..
    9. Any Homework assigned shall be due the next class day, unless I tell you otherwise. Please make sure your name, date, assignment title and class period is on your paper. Papers without a name will not be scored. For Google Classroom assignments, please work is due on the date in Google Classroom. I reserve the right to change the due dates and assignments.
    10. Do not even think about cheating! Any activity deemed by the teacher to be cheating will result the lowest grade possible for that assignment, a detention to be served the following school day after school for THIRTY (30) minutes and a Parent Phone Call/Conference. Cheating includes but is not limited to: copying in any form, sharing work, plagiarism, cheat sheets, looking over another student’s paper, using your cellphone in any way, distracting another student or talking/making noises during an exam.
    11. You are required to take notes during class. If it is not in the textbook, it is in the lecture; you will be tested on both. Notes will be hand-written by you in your Cornell Notebook. I collect you Cornell Notebook every 3 days; this is part of your grade.
    12. Extra credit: consists of attending study sessions, school sponsored events, Parent Events, school sports events, art and cultural community events. Extra Credits will be announced. You are allowed two extra credits per marking period. Extra Credits do not count if you were absent from my class the day the extra credit event occurs.


    Mrs. Delgado’s Classroom Rules

    1. RESPECT others (that includes the teacher) and their property (that includes my stuff!). Disruptive, disrespectful, or uncooperative behavior, bad attitudes, and smart mouths will not be tolerated. Name-calling, profanity, and teasing will NOT be tolerated. Be respectful of others. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Students who display these undesirable behaviors will answer to the School District Discipline Procedures. If I am absent, you MUST respect the substitute teacher and behave because you represent us and your school; failure to do so will result in disciplinary action according to the School District Discipline Procedures.


    1. Do not complain; I am trying to prepare you for YOUR future. Also, you will have to work with different classmates who may have different personalities, just like in the real world. Complaining = Pop Quiz for the class. You have been warned.


    1. Come to class. Regular class attendance is required. If you skip, I will catch you and report you. Don’t do it.


    1. No Cellphones, food or drinks in class. Water bottles are ok. Candy and gum are not allowed. Do not sell things in my class. Please turn off your phone; if you are using your phone, I will collect it and keep it until the end of class. After the second time, I will collect your phone and give it to the School Principal for parent pick-up.


    1. Please place all of your trash in the appropriate garbage cans. My classroom is not a locker. If it is left in my room, it will be trash. No exceptions. Keep OUR classroom clean.


    1. Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak. It is RUDE to speak when someone else is speaking. It is also RUDE to interrupt someone when they are speaking. Be patient and wait for your turn to speak. I love hearing your ideas and opinions because YOU matter to me! Also, I need to know who is participating so I can give participation points to that person. :)


    1. Restroom breaks are for emergencies only. However, if it is an EMERGENCY and you MUST go to the Restroom, raise your hand and cross your fingers. This will help differentiate between participation within class and permission for restroom breaks. You must wait for permission from me (or the sub) to use the restroom. We must follow all school restroom rules for your safety: no one out until 10 minutes after class has begun and no one out 10 minutes before class is over. Remember what to do if you are in the hallway during a Lockdown. Be attentive; do not use your phone in the hallway.


    1. Be proactive in improving your skills, work hard, come to class prepared, and seek help early. DO NOT wait to ask for help right when Progress Report grades or Report Card grades are due. Be responsible for YOU.


    1. Do all assignments completely and according to the directions. Read the General Grade Definitions.


    1. Participate. Be present and focus. Ask reasonable questions. Leave your home/social media life at home and focus on your school/future life. Your future is important to me because I want to see you succeed. I have to prepare you for NJSLA State Test, High School and YOUR FUTURE so I need your complete cooperation so you can be successful in life. FOCUS ON YOUR FUTURE. We do not have time for nonsense.


    ** Please do not hesitate to ask for help. It is your responsibility to seek out assistance if you need help or would like additional feedback from me.**


    REWARDS are subject to teacher discretion. Possible rewards may include, but are not limited to:

    1.   Praise (daily)
    2.   Student of the Month Award (monthly)
    3.   Positive Notes/Phone Calls Home (random)
    4.   Whole class music time (random)
    5.   No Homework Pass (random)
    6.   Class treats (random)


    CONSEQUENCES are subject to teacher and administrative discretion. Possible consequences may include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Phone Call to Parent/Guardian
    3. Detention before or after school (Parental Notification)
    4. Loss of certain privileges (ability to work on a laptop, work with groups, music time, etc.) 
    5. Parent Conference/Team Home Visit
    6. Administrative notification/referral (as per District’s Student Handbook)

    The Social Studies departmental district grading policy is:

    60% Tests, Quizzes, Unit Tests, Notebook, Projects, Labs, Essays, Written Reports, PBLs (No Benchmark Assessments)

    35% Classwork, Target-Skill Assignments, Center Work, Oral Presentations, Participation, Exit Slips, Portfolio, etc.

    5% Homework


    General Grade Definitions as per the Perth Amboy School District:

        Alpha Grade

          Numeric Grade Range

              Meaning of Grades



    Indicates superior performance. It may be given to a pupil whose achievement is significantly above grade level and demonstrates complete mastery of the standards; whose work achieves a quality and quantity that consistently excels; and who demonstrates a high degree of initiative, application, and purpose.







    Indicates grade level performance. It should be given to a pupil whose achievement is at grade level and demonstrates mastery of the standards; whose work frequently excels; and who demonstrates a satisfactory degree of proficiency.







    Indicates average performance.  It should be given to a pupil whose achievement in most areas of the subject are average and demonstrates partial mastery of the standards; whose work is acceptable; and who demonstrates a developing degree of proficiency. 







    Indicates below average performance. It should be given to a pupil whose achievement in the subject demonstrates minimal mastery of the standards; whose work is the minimum acceptable for credit; and who demonstrates only weak proficiencies in the subject.



    Indicates failing performance and that no credit can be given for the subject. It should be given to a pupil who has not met the minimum requirements of the course and demonstrates little to no mastery of the standards; who has demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to master the basic elements of the course; or who has failed to meet the minimum attendance standards necessary to pass a course of study.

    (*) Full year courses: Students earning a grade “F” in the first three marking periods will receive a numeric grade no lower than 55, while in the fourth marking period an “F” will reflect the actual numeric grade the student earned.


    Please note that any textbook supplied to your child by the teacher belongs to the school unless otherwise indicated. If the textbook is lost, stolen or damaged, the student and the parent are financially responsible for the FULL cost of the book as when it was valued when it was originally purchased.


    Please ask the Main Office to give you your own access to Infinite Campus so you can set alerts to see your child’s grades. Never share your username and password with your child. Also, please fill out the last page of this syllabus so I can add you to our class’ Google Classroom.


    There are three ways to contact me:


    1. E-MAIL

    It is faster to contact me through e-mail at AILEDELGADO@PAPS.NET. Please make sure to: include your child's name, class subject and grade level on the subject line (example: John Doe-8th United States History), make sure to address your inquiry, and include your direct phone number in the e-mail. Please note: For the students' privacy, I do not reply to e-mails. You will get a call back to the phone number you provide in your e-mail.


    1. PHONE

    If you do not have e-mail access, please call (732) 376-6040 and leave a message with one of the school's receptionists.



    If you wish to have a Parent Conference, please call the counselor's office and speak to your child's counselor to schedule an appointment with all of your child’s teachers.


    STUDENTS AND PARENTS: After reading the above syllabus please sign the LAST page of this syllabus and return to Mrs. Delgado.


    My signature below indicates that I have read and understood the United States History Syllabus in its entirety, given to me by Mrs. Delgado. I acknowledge that Mrs. Delgado has the right to adjust the terms of this syllabus as needed. I understand, agree, and will comply with the classroom methods & guidelines, rules, and expectations of Mrs. Delgado, any substitute teacher and the course stated herein. I also understand, that any textbook supplied to me [my child] by the teacher belongs to the school unless otherwise indicated and if the textbook is lost, stolen or damaged upon return to the school, I agree that I am responsible for the FULL cost of the textbook. I understand that this course is a United States History course meant to prepare my child for High School and THEIR FUTURE and it is my [child’s] responsibility to:


    - be respectful and follow all the rules;

    - do all the work assigned and turn it in before the due date;

    - ask for assignments I have missed;

    - login to Google Classroom and Quizlet every day to work;

    - attend study sessions;

    - get help early if the material is not understood;

    - not procrastinate; and

    - try my [their] best in this class.


    My child and I also understand that plagiarism (cheating) is a serious matter and if my child cheats in any way as stated in the syllabus, s/he will not only receive the lowest grade possible for that specific assignment, a THIRTY (30) minute detention to be served the following school day and a Parent Conference. By giving my email address below, I acknowledge that I will be added to my child’s Google Classroom and I can be contacted via email by the teacher.


    United States History Course Information



    The student in United States History will be provided the opportunity to develop an:

    1) understanding of principal themes in United States History and citizenship,

    2) ability to analyze and interpret historical evidence, and

    3) ability, in writing, to analyze and clearly express historical understanding.


    This course is designed to help students understand how and why particular events and patterns of events occurred in our society. So much can be learned from the past, therefore it is important to explore the reasons for reading and researching events and people from our past. Throughout the year, students will work within a small group and on their own in researching documents which will help them achieve a better understanding of the American experience. Various exercises in this course are designed to give the students the skills necessary to be successful in later history courses.


    By focusing on those aspects of American history that are relevant to today and the future, the students should be able to adapt lessons and assignments to many areas outside of the study of history itself. U.S. History covers a variety of topics ranging from the early Americans, the formation of the nation, and modern times. Social Studies skills will be used together with chronology and cause-and-effect relationships to help understand our history. Social Studies skills taught include critical reading and thinking, research, note taking, outlining, and analyzing maps, charts, graphs and tables.


    Topics covered by Marking Period:

    Marking Period


    1st Marking Period

    9/11 Rememberance Day, Constitution Day, Exploration, Colonization, Slavery, 13 Colonies, History of Perth Amboy Project, Hispanic Heritage Month Project, American Culture & Customs 

    2nd Marking Period

    13 Colonies, Road Towards Independence, American Revolution, American Revolution Project, Roles of Women and African-Americans, Black History Month Project

    3rd Marking Period

    Creating a New Government, Articles of Confederation, The United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, U.S. Citizenship Test Practice

    4th Marking Period

    Holocaust Education, President’s Project, U.S. Political Development through Reconstruction 


    *This is Mrs. Delgado's syllabus and intellectual property; any copying is strictly prohibited and forbidden.*