• Welcome! This is my 12th year teaching Social Studies, and my first year at McGinnis Middle School. I graduated from Kean University of New Jersey in 2007 with degrees in both Elementary Education and History. My certifications are in grades K-8, specializing in Social Studies in Middle School. I also have experience teaching Language Arts, and try to enrich student lessons and activities with literacy and writing skills whenever possible. Our students are incredible and able to achieve great things when we all work together!


     Please check back frequently for assignments, projects, and homework updates. I am so excited to work with your child this year. 


    Contact me any time: AimeBrown@paps.net



    Online Expectations:

    -Login on time.

    -Be prepared with your notebook,  charged laptop, and writing utensil each day.

    -Be sure we can see your face for the entire period

    -Use respectful, professional language in class.


    -Raise your hand to ask a question or to share a thought.

    -One person speaks at a time


    -Always apply 100% effort.




    Required supplies:

    One durable, plastic covered notebook 

    Writing utensil

    Headphones (to eliminate distractions)