• Good morning class. It is Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend. Please keep up on your assignments that were sent home. I will send a link if you more worksheets. I have received pictures form students doing work. Please take pictures and email them to me so we can post them on out website.

    Todays assignment;

    1.  Cut paper in strips in different length
    2. Put them in order from smallest to largest
    3. Measure it and record results 
    4. Then make a chain by looping them together.
    5. Measure this and record results
    6. Compare measurements and discovery which one is longest.


    As always stay safe and take care of your self.

    Love you and miss you 

    Ms Runco


    I added more websites. Link unto web resoures. 

    Also please email me to let me know if your are gettilng these actilvities