• Good morning boys and girls. Today is wacky Wednesday. Have  wacky


    Let's start off with a good book. Go to YouTube and download the book,

    Pete the Cat; read a loud.  Enjoy listening to the book. Don't forget to sin-a-long with Pete.

    Next for Music and Movement, stay on YouTube and download a song form Jack Hartman. You may choose anyone but my favorite is The Penguin one.


    My activity today is to investigate a ramp.(discovery) You will determine is something rolls or does not roll.

    Make a ramp using boxes or anything flat that you can prop up. 

    Find a number of objects in your home and ask, does it roll or not roll.

    Place them on the ramp. 

    Sort them in separate piles.

    Count each pile and write the number.

    Which has more and which has less.


    Don't forger your weekly alphabet and your Study Buddy activity.

    This weeks letter is "Q". 

    Say the peon as you write it.

               Q- Around from the top, then add a tail. The Q is the letter at the start of quail.

               q-qui k around and quack down,

    Look for ONE think in your home that begins with Q. It might be hard but I think you can do it.
    Draw a picture and label it, for example" 1 quilt" Poem for one is,Straight line down then you done that's a number one,


    Remember to work on your school;s package activities too.

    Day #8   Write your fairest and last names, You can do this when you do your study buddy.


    Lastly look one Interesting Resources and find the new website.

    Place email me to let me know how things are going.

    Good Luck and stay well.