• Good Morning boys and girls! Have a thankful Thursday!

    Let's have fun today.

    It's a beautiful day so go outside for a walk but remember to keep your distance.

    The theme today will be The School Bus by Donald Crews

    First download the story from YouTube.  "School Bus read a load" by Donald Crew. You can find a story prop to assist you with telling the story at Kizclub.com Just search for story and props and then download it. This is a simple book so try and read it on your own.

    Today's activity is to use your imagination and pretend your are a bus driver, a teacher or a student. Make your own name tags.

    Set up a bus by using your chairs. Put the chairs in a row. 

    Then pretend. Drive the bus with family members choosing one of the roles. Have fun.

    Also, make up a bus tag  Write your name, school and room number; Cruz  Room 107 Ms Runco.


    School's activity: Draw a picture of your friends at school. Write your name, the date and your friend's names.

    I will down load a new link on Interesting resources.

    Take Care and be safe. Love and miss you,  o x o x


    Ms Runco