• Hey boys and girls. How are you on this Fantastic Friday. I hope all of you are well and safe.

    It is Friday, March 27, 2020. Do the Friday dance. The weather is cloudy. Sing the cloudy song. Temperatuere is 52.

    Try to get outside to get some fresh air.

    Today, try to do the following actilvities.

    For Shared Reading, reread the book, THE SCHOOL BUS. If you downloaded the prop from KIZCLUB use it as you retell the story. If not, use a toy car or make one with recyclble items.

    Revilew the vocabulary words form the book. LARGE, SMALL, EMPTY,FULL. For an extra fun activity look in your house for something small, large, full and empty.

    My daily activity for the day is an art projet. Look for pictures of wheels and vehicles in magazilnes, newpapers or use the clip art on your computer. Cut them out and paste them on a piece of paper. Label your work, write you name. (first and last) and date 3-27-20.

    Today's school activities are:

    1. Listen to the story, Caps for Sale, You can find this on youdtube.  Or, find a book in your home and read the story. Point to the pictures and talk about what you see.

    2. Practice writing the letter Q  and  the number one (1).  Draw a picture of a queen. Write "1 queen". (add your names)

    3. Put on your favoritre song and dance.


    As always, stay safe  and well. I will email you and post a note on Classdojo. 

    Ms Runco


    look for the daily website