• Good morning boys and girls. How are you doing? It's Terrifilc Tuesday! Yeah!! The date is Tuesday, March 31, 2020. The weather is rainy. SIng the rainy song. Don't forget to alert me when you read the emails, website or Classdojo. I like to see how yo are doing.

    Today's actilvity is to listen to the book, The Bus for Us. again. Using those home props. Review the vocabulary words.(backhoe, tow truck, garbadge truck, schoolbus, taxi, ice cream truck and fire engine) Don't forget to use them as you tell the story.

    For an art project, make a bus out of shapes. 

    The rectangle can be the main bus.

    Circles for tthe wheels.

    Squares for the wilndows

    Triangle for the lights

    Make an oxygon for the stop sign found on the bus's door.

    Label your work, write your name and date.

    Sing a bus song found on Goodle.

    Pracitie writing your R's and 2s.

    Find another item in your home that bigins with R.

    Look in your home and try and find 2 number 2s.

    Since it is a rainy day. Go download a song from Super Simple Songs.

    Read your favoirte book and point tio the pictures and words. Talk about the story.

    Take care. Miss you. Ms Runco

    Don't forget to post pictures. I love seeing your work.