• Good morning boys and girls. It's a great sunny day. Go outside and enjoy the sunshine!!

    First of all, let's say good-bye to March and hello to April.  (kiss)

    So, today is April 100, 2020. APRIL FOOLS. That's right it is April fools day!

    It is really Wednesday, April 1, 2020. The weather is sunny and cool. The temperature is 42. Sing the sunny song.

    To start the day sing, the Wheels on the Bus. Don't forget your movements. (There are many versions on google, "The Wheels on the Bus".

    Today for our Share Reading activity. Turn off the sound and read the book in yoour own words as you look at th pictures. If you have the props, use them. 

    The day's activity is an investigation. If you have a die or even a spinner from a game, roll or spin a number. Identify that number' Then, take a toy car or anything that rolls. Roll the object  that many times and write the number down a paper. Do this five times. See which number comes up the most.

    Keep practice writing your r's and thilnk of something you can do that begins with r. Think of something physical and do that 2 tilmes.

    Download ABC Mouse and Leapfrog videos and practice sounding out the sound for R.  You can find the links on Interesting Resources.

    Keep practicing all your sounds. I found a nice song on google, ABC Phonic Sounds. on ' ROCK AND ROLL LEARNING.'

    Also, keep reading. Pick another gread book or download the book. 'Are You My Mother' http:www.youtube.com/watch?v=WH SHOJvq8M.   You can fin this activity on the papers we sent home.

    As always, stay safe and well. Love to all.  Ms Runco.

    PS  For and extra activity, look on PINTEREST, PRESCOOL PRINTABLES for more practice worksheets.