• Good morning boys and girls. Today is Thankful Thursday, April 2, 2020. The weather is Sunny and warn. It is 45 degrees. Try to get outside and take a walk. Keep moving. 

    I hope all of you got the April activities. Please let me know if you did not. Let's begin today's lessons.

    Reread the book, The Bus For Us.  This time, read it on your own using the pictures to help you.

    Sing the Wheel on the Bus. 

    Let's play in 'blocks' today.  Go to your pantry or cupboard. and find cans and boxes. Build something with them like a house, garage or a castle. As you build, make a pattern with them, for example,  can. box, can, box. Or try, can. can. box. can. can. box. Be creative and send me a picture.

    Practice your R's and 2's. Think of two words that begin with R. Use the sound map to help you sound each letter as you write it. Refer to abc mouse and leapfrog websites for the correct way to pronounce it.

    Other activities:

    School's calendar suggest to wear blue and to think of something that is blue. Tell it to someone in your home.

    I will post things on Interesting Resources and email you the sound map. 

    As always, stay safe and well. Love you, Ms Runco