DeSimone- Remote Learning

  • Mrs. DeSimone’s Information:


    Google Classrooms:

    Homeroom: varvxnj

    Periods 2/3  Math: xpqvn6z

    Period 4 Science: vcw7xxd

    Periods 6/7 Math: mfa4xca

    Period 8 Science: p2cxsnm


    Your Responsibilities as a Student:

    1. ATTENDANCE: Students are required to check into homeroom daily at 8:01 AM 
    2. ASSIGNMENTS: You must go on EACH OF YOUR TEACHER’s Google Classrooms every day at your scheduled time. 
      1. This means you must go to your Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and your special teacher’s classrooms every day!
      2. In order for me to get your assignments, you need to click “Turn In.”  Please DO NOT “Share” them with me.  
    3. VIDEO CHATS:  You must attend your daily Google meetings and behave according to the McGinnis School expectations.
    4. ID Portal: Familiarize yourself with how to access your Math text book from the McGinnis Website via ID PORTAL.  This is also the way you will get to ALEKS.
    5. ALEKS: You will have weekly topic goals that will be taken for a grade.  You are required to complete 10 topics a week. *This does not include regularly scheduled Knowledge Checks, or any other assignments/quizzes that you may be given through ALEKS. 
    6. Tests/Quizzes:  We will continue to have regularly scheduled tests and quizzes.  They will be sent via Google forms, ALEKS, or any other source your teacher decides. NO CALCULATORS. Academic honesty is a MUST!
    7. Questions/Concerns/Issues:  Please contact me via email, private comments on the Google Classroom, through the Remind 101 app, or by phonecall/text, and I will do my best to help you!  

    REMEMBER:  This way of learning is new to ALL of us!  I know this is not ideal, but I promise to be the best teacher I can through it all.  I hope that you plan to continue to be the BEST students you can. I miss getting the opportunity to meet you in person, and getting to know your individual personalities.  You are all in my ❤