• Welcome  

    Welcome to 5th grade

    Welcome back! I am looking so forward to meeting all of my new students and their families. We will all need some time to adjust to going back to full time in person learning. Please don't think you are alone if you are nervous. We are all in this together. I am sure we will be smooth sailing in no time. It's time for us to engage ourselves into a new year of growth. It's going to be an excellent year. :)

    Parent Portal

    Parents should joint the Parent Portal as soon as possible to keep track of their students grades as they are added by their teachers. This is a great way to support your child's progress in school especially with so many new teachers. Students should also familiarize themselves with Infinite Campus, where students can check their schedule of classes and grades.

    Google Classroom 

    Students should join the appropriate Google classrooms by searching their own school email for invites. Teachers will invite you to join their individual classes. You should join classes that you have been invited to join. If you did not receive an email yet, don't panic. You can also join by typing the unique letter/number code that corresponds to the classes that appear on your schedule (when your teacher shares code) using the "+" on the Google Classroom page located in your Google Drive under your school account.

    *Each link will remain the same for Language Arts and Social Studies for the entire school year. However, it will change every marking period for gym. 

    *Parents can also be invited to Google Classroom to get notifications of postings, assignments, etc. 


     *If you are a parent or student who is unfamiliar with Google Classroom, please click the following link to learn how it works.