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    Grading Breakdown

    5%             Homework         (work to be completed at home, including reading)

    35%           Classwork          (work started during class)                                                         

    60%           Informal and Formal Assessments (tests, essays, quizzes, projects)


      *Codes in Infinite Campus/grades

           M- Missing (Did not turn in and will eventually turns to a zero)

           X- Excused from this grade

           0- No credit given because did not turn in, mostly done incorrectly, without effort or incomplete 


    Grading Standard Grades are earned not given: A, B, C, D, F.

    Use of rubrics and percentages to determine grades on standard assessments:

    A = Outstanding

    B = Very Good

    C = Satisfactory

    D = Having Difficulty

    F = Unsatisfactory



    *Expectations increase as the year progresses. It is expected that parents/guardians discuss and check grades with your child through out the marking period. Also, check their Google Classroom as well as Infinite Campus for in progress grades, missing work, progress reports and marking period final grades. Please don't wait until the end of the marking period to inquire about your child's progress or lack there of. Appointments can be scheduled during the week to discuss your child's progress. Please email me to request an appointment at lisanogueira@paps.net .


    Class Grading Rubric (For General Assignments)

    Rubric for general classwork assignments. Please review the rubric to make sure that your work meets the criteria listed in the rubric for an awesome grade :) You can do this!

    (Be advised that there are different rubrics for Writer’s Workshop essays). 


    Check Symbol  =  Numerical Grade Equivalent :  How YOU earned this grade?




    Exemplary work! Student completed their work on time and followed all directions. Student used complete sentences with proper punctuation and capitalization.Work is neat, creative, correct. 




    Good work! Student completed their work on time. Student gave their work their best effort and followed directions. Student made minor grammatical errors or mistakes.



    Decent work. Student made 5-7 mistakes on their work. Work was average. 




    Oops! Student should have put more effort, and read the directions more carefully. Student made frequent unnecessary errors throughout the assignment.




    Student did not follow directions/handed in work that does not meet the class expectations. Work is incomplete.  :(





    Indicates superior performance. It may be given to a pupil whose achievement is significantly above grade level and demonstrates complete mastery of the standards; whose work achieves a quality and quantity that consistently excels; and who demonstrates a high degree of initiative, application, and purpose.



    Indicates grade level performance. It should be given to a pupil whose achievement is at grade level and demonstrates mastery of the standards; whose work frequently excels; and who demonstrates a satisfactory degree of proficiency.



    Indicates average performance.  It should be given to a pupil whose achievement in most areas of the subject are average and demonstrates partial mastery of the standards; whose work is acceptable; and who demonstrates a developing degree of proficiency.



    Indicates below average performance. It should be given to a pupil whose achievement in the subject demonstrates minimal mastery of the standards; whose work is the minimum acceptable for credit; and who demonstrates only weak proficiencies in the subject.



    Indicates failing performance and that no credit can be given for the subject. It should be given to a pupil who has not met the minimum requirements of the course and demonstrates little to no mastery of the standards; who has demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to master the basic elements of the course; or who has failed to meet the minimum attendance standards necessary to pass a course of study.