• Mrs. Gallis

    7th Grade Math

    Remote and In-Person Expectations

    1. Students need to arrive OR log on each day to homeroom by 8:01 AM.  Students will be marked either late or absent if they do not arrive or are not logged in for homeroom.
    2. Be prepared and on time each day.
    3. No cell phones or electronic devices permitted during either remote or in-class instruction.
    4. Respect yourself and others both during virtual and in-class sessions
    5. Always do your best and take pride in your work.


    Remote and In-Person Rules:

    1. Students must arrive/log in, on time daily since attendance will be taken each math block.
    2. If remote, tudents should be at a table, desk or somewhere suitable for their instruction and learning, NOT laying down on the couch.
    3. Students need to be dressed appropriately for class.
    4. Students must keep their cameras on and be visible during the entire remote instructional period. No avatars are allowed, and cameras should not be pointed to the ceiling.
    5. Students will not interrupt during remote OR live in-class sessions, while others are speaking or without permission.
    6. Students will not engage in name-calling or in the use of profanity during either virtual or in-class sessions.
    7. During live in-person sessions, students are expected to wear a mask, keep their hands to themselves, respect the property of others and follow social distancing protocols to the extent that is possible.
    8. During in-person sessions, students are not allowed out of their seats or out of the classroom without the proper permission.


    Consequences are subject to teacher and administrative discretion: Possible consequences may include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Phone call home, teacher detention before or after school when in school building, and possible conference with the guidance counselor.
    3. Phone call home, Loss of certain privileges (ability to work in groups, games, etc.)
    4. Parental notification (call home, requested parent conference) and administrative detention after school.
    5. Administrative notification


    ** Please do not hesitate to ask for help. It is your responsibility to seek out assistance if you run into roadblocks or would like additional feedback from me.