• 7th Grade Math****Mrs. Gallis & Ms. Jimenez *****Room 229

    Course Syllabus



    1st Quarter                         2nd Quarter                               3rd Quarter                     4th Quarter

    +/- Integers                        Equations                                  Percents                        Geometry

    x/÷ Integers                       Inequalities                                Probability                     NJSLA

    Rational Numbers                Ratios                                        Statistics                       8th Grade Ramp-Up

    Expressions                         Proportions                                                                                                                                   


    Performance and Behavior Expectations

    1. Be Kind!!  We are a classroom community and we operate as aeam.  We value each other’s strengths, and we learn from the mistakes we make.
    2. Come to class prepared!! Every day, students should have their math workbook,  notebook, completed HOMEWORK, calculator, ruler, and at least 2 sharpened pencils with erasers.
    3. A small amount of math homework is assigned nightly. This is necessary to provide practice of the skills learned in class that day.  Please take time to complete homework assignments, and be prepared with any questions for homework review the following day.  If you do not do your homework, you will not be able to keep up with the rest of the class.
    4. Be flexible. Be kind.  You will be working with partners and in small groups. 

    Your mission is to become a COOPERATIVE CLASSROOM CITIZEN!



    • If you are absent for any reason, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to complete any work that you missed, in a timely fashion.
    • If you do not come to class on time, you will be marked late for class.

    ** Please do not disrupt the classroom; enter the classroom quietly, and start working as quickly as possible.



    1. Quizzes are given weekly, to see if essential skills and concepts are being learned. Quizzes are a learning tool and can be RETAKEN. 
    2. Chapter Tests are given at the end of each unit. CHAPTER TESTS MAY NOT BE RETAKEN.
    3. Grades will be computed as follows:                                                                                             -60%  -Tests, Quizzes, Projects, PBLs                           

                                                                                                                                                                   -35%  -CW, Centers, Portfolio, Exit Slips

                                                                                                                                                                    -5%    -Homework

     Materials:         -notebook, workbook, pencils, erasers, hand-held calculator, 12 inch ruler



    Retakes:           -If you do poorly on a quiz, you may study the materials again, and retake another version of that quiz.  This will help you learn the material and be ready                              for the test, at the end of the chapter.

                            -Quizzes must be made up before the next test or quiz is given.

                            -There are NO RETAKES FOR TESTS.


    Some Important Math Classroom Rules and Procedures:

    • Enter the classroom in an orderly fashion, and sit in your assigned seat
    • Take out your notebook, folder, homework, and pencils
    • Begin the Do Now immediately after taking your seat
    • ALL students must “face forward” during instruction
    • BATHROOM use is NOT allowed DURING INSTRUCTION, except for emergencies
    • Keep your work area clean at all times
    • I will dismiss you, not the bell