Degrees and Certifications:

Isaac Lung

USII History


Instructor: Mr. Isaac Lung





This is a full year course of United States History starting from the Great Depression in 1928 to the present era. It is the second course of a required three year sequence in social studies. U.S. History II continues and develops a historical understanding and appreciation of American history that was begun in U.S. History I, followed by World History Studies that recognizes the connections of the global framework within American history and other disciplines.  The emphasis will be on students expanding their cognitive thinking skills that support their ability to challenge assumptions, think creatively, and recall social studies concepts learned previously, including the four themes of history, economics, civics, and geography. Most importantly, the US History II course will improve students’ proficiency in reading, writing, and communication.


Class Expectations:


-Students must wear their mask correctly at all times during the in person meetings (Nose and mouth must be covered).


-You are responsible for your own work, in class and make up. If you miss work due to absences, you are responsible for making it up in the required time.  Always remember that you can get work or announcements from the web site.


-You are expected be prepared for class.  Therefore, please make sure you bring your Chromebook charged to class.  In addition, please bring your note book and a writing implement.


-Cheating and/or plagiarism are serious offenses and will be handled immediately by appropriate school authorities. Do not to tolerate cheating; it is unfair to you!  You can notify me of any incident (anonymously if you wish) so I can deal with it.


-You are tardy to class if you are not in your seat when the bell rings.


-Do your best.


Grading Policy:


Grading policy for this course will follow the Perth Amboy District scale which consists of the following:


-60% Exams and Projects

-35% Classwork 

-5% Homework


Course Outline: 


To help students meet these goals, the course should cover the following topics. 



Suggested Time Frame


The Coming of War (1928-1939) 4 Weeks


World War II (1939-1960) 4 Weeks


The Holocaust(1933-1945) 1 Week


The Cold War (1939-1960) 5 Weeks


Postwar Confidence and Anxiety (1945-1960) 4 Weeks


Civil Rights Movement (1950-1975) 5 Weeks


United States Foreign Policy and Domestic Issues (1950-1970) 4 Weeks


America and the World Globalization (1970-1992) 5 Weeks


A Changing Society-Into A New Century (1992-present) 4 Weeks