Better Together
    • How do you know if your child is progressing in class? 

      Log on to the Parent Portal and view in progress grading, progress reports, report card, send an email, make an appointment to speak in person to me and other teachers, check their Google Classroom grades and work due, have your child log on to Infinite Campus using their school email and id # to show you their current grades.

    • Have students SHOW you their grades, not TELL


      Parent/Teacher communication is vital to support your child's success in school.

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      •  Forms/Notices and student work that are sent home 

      •  Webpage 

      •  Monthly newsletter 

      • The best way to contact me is via email:  


      LATE/ Missing Work

    • Please recognize that parents will not be contacted for every missing assignment. However, if there is a pattern of missing work you will be contacted.
    • Students must take responsibility for their learning by copying down assignments, finishing and turning in classwork and homework on time, and trying their best on all assignments.
    • Students will have a grace period to turn in missing work. However,they will lose 10 points each day it's late from whatever grade they would have received. 
    • If they don't complete their work, it will become a zero. Zeros are very low grades and are difficult to recover from.
    • Work that is incomplete or done poorly due to lack of effort will be returned in one day to RESUBMIT for credit.
    • Classwork will not be accepted late. If students are present in class, they must do their work during class when it is assigned.
    • If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to find out what they missed. This can be done on Google Classroom. They have the number of days they were absent to turn it in without penalty of losing points. 
    • Please ask your child to SHOW you their grades and work online, as well as what they are learning and reading about daily.
    • Students should write down all the HOMEWORK in their assignment pad or daily planner. They will be reminded and told to do so during every class. 
    • Like you, there is nothing that I want more than for your child than to be successful this school year. Thank you!