• This was sent home on the first day of class and signed by both the students and parents. Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

    Electronic Devices/Accessories: The district does not allow the use of any electronic devices, other than their school issued device, during the school day. Any student found using any unapproved electronic device, or accessories, will be given a warning and a phone call home. After three warnings, the student will be written up.


    District Grading Policy:

    • Homework: 5% (daily/weekly MATHia work)
    • Classwork: 35% (Daily assignments, centers, participation, etc.)
    • Formal Assignments: 60% (Tests, quizzes, projects, etc.)


    Absent Work Policy: Any day a student is absent, they are responsible for making up missed work. The student should see the teacher at the end of the period to see what work they need to make up. Any work not completed will result in a failing grade for that assignment.


    Rules and Expectations:

    • Be on time and prepared every day
    • No cell phones
    • Listen when others are speaking
    • Follow directions
    • Stay seated unless otherwise instructed
    • Complete all assignments when due
    • No food (except during breakfast), and no open drinks
    • KEEP THE DESKS CLEAN! Do not leave anything inside the desks!
    • Any students caught cheating/copying work from others will receive a failing grade for the assignment. If it is for another class, I will take and give to that teacher
    • Students are expected to remain silent during announcements