• English 2
     60%:   Tests/Projects/Essays/Research Paper

     30%:  CW
    10% :  HW
    ***   All major essays are to be turned in at www.turnitin.com.  Students have been given information regarding account setup.
    Required Materials:
    No. 2 Pencil
    Pen (blue/black ink)
    Notebook or 3-ring binder - notebook/binder is to be brought to class daily
    Assigned Texts 
    Academic Integrity: 
    Plagiarism is the unauthorized, uncited use of another individual's words and/or ideas.  
    Cheating includes copying, sharing, and using "cheat sheets" or other written, verbal, or electronic information which is not your own.  
    Work that is the result of plagiarism will result in the loss of all potential credit for the assignment and referral to administration for further disciplinary action. 
    Classroom Rules:
    Show respect for the teacher, classmates, classroom, and yourself.
    Be on time. Class will begin promptly at the beginning of each period.
    Electronic devices are strictly prohibited.  This is a school rule.  If seen, electronic devices will be taken, given to an administrator, and will not be returned until a parent/guardian retrieves it. 
    No food or beverages are allowed in the classroom.  On hot days, water is permitted.
    The uniform policy is strictly enforced. 
    Additional Information:
    There will be no extra credit assignments given.
    Late assignments (projects/essays) will be accepted for excused absences only.  They will only be accepted until the third day.  For each day an assignment is late, ten (10) points will be deducted from the assignment.
    Students are not to ask for makeup work at the end of the quarter.  Work is to be completed consistently during the marking period.
    Extra help is available, either from myself or from the Learning Center located in the high school's main campus library.  If the student is unclear about material, it is important that he/she ask for help.