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    visit: www.paps.net/portal and sign up! District ID: GWDFCY
    If you need help please email me (ericabreu@paps.net)
    This year the students will be introduced to Interactive Notebooks, which allows students to build their own class textbook.  This incorporates the use of foldables, colorful note pages, and graphic organizers to neatly compose ideas in a way that is easy to look back on and study. 
    Students will also be introduced to interactive presentations via Nearpod.  During the presentations, students will be able to show their understanding of the lesson in real time.
    Students are responsible for staying up-to-date with class topics and information by signing up for Remind.  Parents and students are encouraged to sign up at:
    Period 1 www.remind.com/join/d8f6a36
    Period 4&5 www.remind.com/join/geoalg2h
    Period 8&9 www.remind.com/join/geoalg2ho
    Also, students will be required to take ownership of their learning by taking notes at home on particular topics, this will not occur every day.  By providing students with guided notes to complete they are expected to have questions upon entering the class the next school day. Some websites that students will need to visit are www.flippedmath.com or www.youtube.com or www.khanacademy.com or www.edulastic.com
    An online program, ALEKS, will be utilized to help the students deeper their understanding of mathematics.   Students will be required to complete weekly topics, complete homework assignments, and have mastery goals on this program.  Students are always welcome to stay after school in the Learning Center to use school laptops to complete these assignments.
    Grading Policy:
    Formal and Informal Assessments 60%, Class Work 35%, and Homework 5%. In order for a student to be successful on tests and quizzes, they should be completing the homework that connects to the lesson.  
    Students are encouraged to stay after school to review tests and quizzes with me that are unsatisfactory.  Students will also have an opportunity to make test corrections to improve their grade.