• Kean Partnership

     James J. Flynn Elementary School 
      Kean University


           What is a Professional Development School?

    Kean University, in partnership with James J. School and other area schools, has created a network of Professional Development Schools (PDS), in which prospective teachers are prepared through a complex, comprehensive, and systematic approach. A PDS site is a place where prospective and cooperating teacher learning becomes (1) experimental, (2) grounded in teacher questions, (3) collaborative, (4) connected to and derived from teachers’ work with their students, and (5) sustained, intensive, and connected to other aspects of school change. The work in a PDS site is designed to improve K-12 student learning, strengthen teacher education, promote professional development, and support collaborative inquiry.


     The central goal of a PDS site is to create an exemplary school environment that provides for the ongoing tasks of school renewal, while seeking to serve the needs of K – 12 students.  A PDS site provides a clinical setting for pre-service education in which university students and K-12 faculty engage in professional development, receive intense supervision, promote and conduct inquiry that advances knowledge of schooling, foster parental involvement with the school, and strengthen the university-school collaboration.   

         James J. Flynn School has been in partnership with Kean University for over 10 years and is very proud to be a Professional Development School with Kean!