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    Health and Phys. Ed. has gone virtual.  Check us out!!!  Remote Learning has begun.  Google classroom has assignments uploaded currently.  It will be uploaded with new assignments throughout our time at home!!!!
    My name is Jennifer Kichula.  I have been teaching in Perth Amboy for 16 years, at various schools and levels.  I graduated from The College of New Jersey with an Exercise Science Teaching Degree in 2003.  I was a member of the softball team at TCNJ and still continue to play now.  I am a sports and fitness advocate, which I hope to pass onto the next generation.  I believe everyone can be successful in fitness and athletics with the right amout of effort. 
    As a department, we believe that health and wellness are an intrigal part of a persons life.  We are working together, as a department, to give the students of Perth Amboy the best and most recent wellness information we can find.  We work hard to teach accurate and well thought out lessons to help your children manage their own lives.     
    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the information above.
    Jennifer Kichula