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    Math Department
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    Hello, My name is Geri Bachmann and I teach 6th grade math.  In 6th grade we expand our computation skills using decimals and fractions, become more fluent using expressions, equations, and functions.  We  also explore Ratios, Rates, Integers and Inequalities for the first time.  Sixth Grade is a challenging year and the students need to stay on top of their  work as we go along.  Grading follows the guidelines set by the district.  60% - Tests, Quizzes, Projects;  35% Classwork which primarily consists of Math Centers and ALEKS; and 5% Homework.

    I look forward to a great year with the students.  If anyone has a question or a concern, the fastest way to reach me is via e-mail.  If you call the main office and leave a message, I will be happy to call you back .