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    Language Arts and Social Studies
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    Welcome to the new school year!
    I hope you received the card I sent to your home to welcome you to TMP (Thomas M. Peterson School), and  the McGinnis School.
    Students, please be prepared for school by: getting a great night's sleep, and  having the materials you need for the first day of school. This might include some pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, folders, and a binder, but it is up to you to bring what you need. Also, check online for your schedule and print it, if you can. If you cannot print your schedule, please write down the name and room number of  your teacher and bring it with you.
    You can always email me if you are having trouble - chertaylor@paps.net
    How is your summer reading going?
    Welcome to the 22-23 school year! As a fifth-grade language arts and social studies teacher, I have high expectations of all my students.  Being able to write clearly to communicate with others is an essential skill that is needed in middle school, high school, the workplace, college and beyond.  Students in my classes will be writing every day... to inform, to explain, to give opinions, to tell personal stories, and to have fun!  We will be exploring many different writing styles to help improve our own writing, and we will be reading some great examples of various writing styles also.  Since reading is another essential skill, we will be reading every day... students will have the opportunity to read texts that interest them.  I plan to not only teach, mentor, and guide my students, but to also have lots of fun while we are learning.  Students should come to class prepared to work hard every day and put in their very best effort into reading and writing. We will have a great and successful year!