• Mrs. Bautista
    Visual Art Teacher    
    Contact me by e-mail: olgabautista@paps.net                                                                                                                                   


    Students can access my Google Classroom using the following class codes:

    Photography, Period #2: 2lizjx3

    Photography, Period #4: p76fp6i

    Photography, Period #5: sklpmhm

    Photography, Period #6: 7n2xhnp

    Photography, Period #9: nagnwl6


    Welcome to the Digital Photography class and to my classroom:
    Digital Photography students are having many opportunities to create images by experimenting with various sources of inspiration for creative work. This class provide opportunities for students to be exposed to new techniques and medium of art through a use of a digital camera. This class encourage pupils to participate in school projects and competitions and to create a plataform for students to showcase their talent and expand their knowledge in art and art-making through the use of a digital camera

    Important issues about our curriculum:

    New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Visual students, an education in the arts provide:
    - The  ability to be creative and inventive decision-makers
    -Varied and powerful ways of communicating ideas , thoughts, and feelings
    -An enhanced sense of poise and self-esteem
    -The confidence to undertake new tasks
    -An increased ability to achieve across the curriculum
     -A framework that encourages teamwork and foster leadership skills
    -Knowledge of the less recognized experiences of aesthetic engagement and intuition, and
    -Increased potential for life success