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     Maria Stephanou                            
    Physical Education Teacher

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    Hello! Welcome to Mrs. Stephanou‘s Physical Education and Health class.   We will be starting the year with virtual learning and meeting on Google Classroom during class. Below is a list of classes that I will be teaching this year.  
    Kindergarden:  Ms. Mallon (Health and PE),  Whittom (PE),  Ms. Yohananov/Mr. Hanson (PE)
    1st grade: Ms. Palmer (Health and PE), Ms. Wlodarczyk/Ms. Alfano (Health and PE)
    2nd grade:  Ms. Giuffriuda (Health and PE), Ms. Kittai/Ms. Finney (Health)
    3rd grade:  Ms. Meyers (Health and PE), Ms. Ledesma (Health and PE), Ms. Lazor (Health), Ms. Vince (Health)
    4th grade:  Ms. Gonzalez (Health and PE), Ms. Cruz (PE), Ms. Cosme (Health)