• CheetahHouse
    Grade 6
    & AVID Elective
    Room 237
    Ext: 26237
    Welcome to Mrs. Cafferty's Math Class!
    This year we are using the following online programs to teach your child the skills required to be successful in 6th grade and beyond:
    Glencoe - idportal.paps.net - Digital eBook in ConnectED Application, Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS)
    Khan Academy - www.khanacademy.org - Free Tutorial Videos
    Scholastic StudyJams - studyjams.scholastic.com - Extra Help Lessons
     Tynker - www.tynker.com - Computer Coding Lessons
    Tinkercad - www.tinkercad.com - 3-D CAD Modeling
    Students who will miss class are strongly encouraged to check Google Classroom for any assignment information, including images of daily given notes!
  • Grading -

    Math Grades are calculated as follows:

    60% Assessments - Tests, Quizzes, Projects, Labs, Reports

    35% Classwork - Center Work, Presentations, Participation, Exit Slips, Independent Practice, Guided Practice, Exit Slips, Skill Checks

    5% Homework - Practice Problems, Summarizing & Marking Notes, Creating Study Questions

    AVID Elective Grades are calculated as follows:

    60% Assessments - Tutorials (TRF Forms, 3-Column Notes, Reflections), Quizzes, Projects, Oral Presentations

    35% Classwork - Binders, Cornell Notes, Quick-Writes, Participation in Activities

     5% Homework - Learning Logs, Lesson Debriefs


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  • Retake Policy - Student assessments given in ALEKS have 3 attempts. The first attempt, and 2 re-takes built in. Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of re-taking their assessments in class.

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  • Here are 6 tips to help alleviate homework frustration, and make homework time a more positive experience for both children and parents.
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