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    Grade 6
    & AVID Elective
    Room 237
    Ext: 26237
    Welcome to Mrs. Cafferty's Math Class!
    As we begin the 2020-21 School Year all learning will be facilitated through Google Classroom.
    Class Section Google Classroom Code
    237 Math 6 ADV (period 1/2) 2ugdlgc
    210 Math 6 (period 4/5) xuiihlh
    134 Math 6 (period 7/8) alh4ivg
    1 AVID 6 A
    1 AVID 6 D
    If you are not currently linked to your child's Google Classroom assignments, please email me francafferty@paps.net and request to be added to your child's account if you wish to monitor the completion of their Math or AVID 6 Elective assignments. Your child's first assignment will be to have you add yourself to Remind. Directions will be posted in the assignment on September 8th, 2020.
    Students can access additional district digital programs by visiting idportal.paps.net
    Students who will miss class must check Google Classroom for any make-up assignment information, including images of daily given notes!
    To view a copy of the syllabus, which includes all the topics that will be covered this school year, please click the appropriate link below.
  • Grading -

    Math Grades are calculated as follows:

    60% Assessments - Tests, Quizzes, Projects, Labs, Reports

    35% Classwork - Center Work, Presentations, Participation, Exit Slips, Independent Practice, Guided Practice, Exit Slips, Skill Checks

    5% Homework - Practice Problems, Summarizing & Marking Notes, Creating Study Questions

    AVID Elective Grades are calculated as follows:

    60% Assessments - Tutorials (TRF Forms, 3-Column Notes, Reflections), Quizzes, Projects, Oral Presentations

    35% Classwork - Binders, Cornell Notes, Quick-Writes, Participation in Activities

     5% Homework - Learning Logs, Lesson Debriefs


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  • Retake Policy - Student assessments given in ALEKS have 3 attempts. The first attempt, and 2 re-takes built in. Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of re-taking their assessments in class.

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