•  Mr. Kaplan
    5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade
    Technology Educator
    ext. 26-436
    Welcome to Mr. Kaplan's technology class!  We will be using our time to learn about Internet safety, coding, STEM, and internet research techniques.  I look forward to working with each and every one of you.  You can always reach me by e-mail and keep up to date with our class on Google Classroom and the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
    Student Attendance Sign-In: https://www.paps.net/Page/21731
    Google Classroom Codes
    5th Grade - ABC days - mloidfz            7th Grade - ABC days - g5t7535
    5th Grade - DEF days - 32onprc           7th Grade - DEF days - 4wfienv
    6th Grade - ABC days - zme7g6h         7th Grade - DEF, room 126 - siyahcn
    6th Grade - DEF days - a6gksaf           8th Grade - ABC days - eng63nl
                                                                  8th Grade - DEF days - h7umiiv
    Class Rules and Regulations
    1.  Attendance to class is important, please come every day and on time!
    2.  All grades are posted in Infinite Campus in a timely manner.
    3.  Late assignments will be accepted for partial credit if handed in before the end of the marking period.
    4.  If a cell phone is present and being a distraction, I will confiscate it for the remainer of the class period.
    5.  Headphones will be allowed, but only for use for class assignments.
    6.  This class does not have formal quizzes or tests.  Projects and reflections will count as formal and informal assessment grades.
    District Grading Scale
    Homework & Participation:  5%
    Classwork: 30%
    Formal/Informal Assessments:  65%