School Leadership Committees

    In order to create the conditions for the Shull School Transformation, structural changes must take place to substantially strengthen the school’s professional community and increase stakeholder input into decision making and problem solving. .


    The Transformation plan is to break down Shull School into 4 small learning communities that create a personalized environment for teaching and learning.  


    The creation of the small learning communities and the leadership structure defined below will create a shared governance that will increase teachers' influence over school policy and practice, encourage collaboration and increase opportunities for communication and trust.


    The Shull School Transformation Plan will shift the structure of the school to a “House Model,” with each house containing core interdisciplinary academic teachers, a leadership team comprised of staff, students, disciplinarian, a guidance counselor and a Vice Principal, essentially creating 

     “schools within a school.”  



    Each of the 4 House Leadership Teams (HLTs) consists of the following structure:


    House Coordinator


    House Behavior Interventionist

    Vice Principal

    Guidance Counselor

    Student Leadership
    Every Tuesday, the School Leadership Team (SLT) will meet to discuss progress of the Transformation Plan.  School administrators will rotate as meeting leaders.
    The SLT structure consists of the following:
    Principal- Ms. Melissa España
    Vice-Principal- Ms. Robyn Carrera
    Vice-Principal- Mr. Robert Dahill
    Vice-Principal- Mr. Gregory Sneed
    District Instructional Leader- Mrs. Mary Guba (LA) 
    District Instructional Leader- Ms. Erin Johansen (Math) 
    Dean of Students- Dr. Joe Davison                              
    Leopard House Leader- Mrs. Christine Allan
    Tiger House Leader- Mr. Orlando Abreu
    Cheetah House Leader- Ms. Michal Flam
    Lion House Leader- Mr. Julio Lopez
    Den House Leader-Mrs. Katherine Lin
    Change and Innovation Leader- Dr. Judith Sousa
    Communications Officer- Mrs. Carrie Alfaro
    Student Activities- Mrs. Elia Velazquez
    Security Officer- Sgt. Robert LaMond
    Office Manager- Mrs. Justina Santiago