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    My name is Ms. Sukovich and this is my fourth year teaching Social Studies at Perth Amboy High School.  I love talking about history, especially World War II and the different aspects of the war, Native American history, and the Renaissance, to name a few!  I also love interacting with the wonderful students at the Freshmen Academy! This year I am teaching US History I. 
    In US History I, we will cover many topics including the American Revolution, Civil War and Reconstruction, and the Great Depression.  The course is intended to give students an overview of early American history and show how our young country developed.  I like my class to be very interactive, allowing students to work with each other and the material.  We will look at a lot of primary sources, analyzing and interpreting them to better understand the past.  In addition, I also love talking about current events and begin every class with the news.  
    When I'm not teaching, I love to travel, read books and magazines, watch reality tv, and spending time with my wonderful son!