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     Welcome to Mrs. Lee's Classroom!                             Kindergarten
     I really hope your child is excited for the beginning of the school year! All the anxiety and "newness" will soon disappear and we will be having such a fun time learning new routines and making new friends to enjoy the new year. Kindergarten is not like "our" Kindergarten used to be. Many changes have occurred and your child will be learning their letters, letter sounds, numbers, number words, sight words, reading, and writing, just to name a few. Also, I know you probably have many questions that you want answered, I will address any questions/concerns during our Kindergarten Orientation in the beginning of September, hope you all can attend!
     Communication between home and school 
    I am anxious for our “team approach” concerning your child’s education. We all have the same goal – for your child to be happy, 
    challenged, comfortable, and secure at school. We need to work together in order for your child to reach maximum success. I am
    asking that you please review things we have learned at school on a daily basis. There is no need to spend hours at night drilling skills. Have fun…read books daily, play word games, review letters/sounds, numbers, etc. I will be sending home some ideas for you throughout the year. We will have homework Monday thru Thursday. It is your child’s homework. You will need to help your child, but encourage your child to do the majority of the work. 
    Writing notes, calling, or emailing are great ways to share information with me. Please write/call anytime you are unsure about something.  
    Together we will make your child's Kindergarten year the best!! 
    Mrs. Joselyn Lee :)