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    Mission Statement-

    The Perth Amboy High School’s GSA Club (Gay-Straight Alliance) wants to assure that each and every member of our school community is appreciated and respected regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

    We believe that by developing a positive and accepting environment, it will encourage a positive sense of self, which is the basis of educational achievement and personal growth.  We would like to work together to educated teachers, students, and the public about the damaging effects that negative forces have on our youth and adults alike.  In today’s society, racism and sexism have similarly undesirable impacts on communities.  The GSA Club would like to work together as a school community to expel such inequities in the Perth Amboy High School by demonstrating that everyone is equal and deserves respect.


    The GSA Club strives to promote a positive school climate where differences are valued for the positive contribution they make in creating a more exciting and diverse community.  We welcome any and all individuals as members, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity who are committed to promoting our positive message throughout the school.

  • Advisors:   
            Mr. Jason Dohl          jasodohl@paps.net
            Ms. Robyn Resko       robyresko@paps.net
    Ms. Rosa Cardona     rosalopez-cardona@paps.net
    Mr. Samuel Cerritos   samucerritos@paps.net
    Time: 3:15PM -4:15PM
    Location: Room-117
    Meeting Date(s):                            01/02            03/26
                                                               01/16            04/09
                                                               01/30            04/23
                                     11/21              02/13            05/07
                                     12/05              02/27            05/21
                                     12/19              03/12            06/04