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    Hey, I'm Mr. Betancur and I am the DLS art teacher.
    I spend a lot of my time in college, studying anything and everything that I could get my hands on: from languages to philosophy from art to history and I fell in love with education. I teach art in my days and teach martial arts in the evenings as an individual I always want to grow and continue to learn and as a person, I want to teach my students to express themself with art.
    My class will always be a place for students to grow, to play, and to learn about themselves. I will teach as many students as I can and will always create a classroom of respect.
  • GoogleClassroom Codes

    4th Grade 

    7004-4 - 5om67f7

    7004-3 - ci7uqs2

    7004-2 - igsfpls

    7004-1 - dxwpvmn


    5th Grade

    7005-4 - tutixue

    7005-3 - xc6m2v4

    7005-2 - qtabfuh

    7005-1 - dktzflw


    6th Grade

    7006-4 - ggu4m5n

    7006-3 - ggu4m5n

    7006-2 -mo2lcbj

    7006-1 -mo2lcbj


    7th Grade 

    7007-4 - 7rz2xc7

    7007-3 - vhr45hh

    7007-2 - carw7qd

    7007-1 - xldwbw5


    8th Grade

    7008-4 - r3ix72u

    7008-3 -r3ix72u

    7008-2 - ci6ut5o

    7008-1 - soasiol