Adult High School





     Perth Amboy Adult High School Program

    The Perth Amboy Adult High School is a credit-based program giving adults the opportunity to complete the requirements for a High School Diploma. The program is semester based and runs concurrently with our high school schedule. The program runs on a traditional learning environment but with the convenience of evening courses.

    Our School Mission Statement

    The mission of our school is to provide the diverse population of learners with the opportunities to improve their academic skills to develop a desire for lifelong learning and master skills to reach their maximum potential as students, workers, workers and citizens.Our school has a diverse demographic which works with respect and compliance with school standards and protocols.

    Adult High School has the following accredited courses:

    English, Mathematics ,Science (including Lab Science), Social Studies,World Language,Career/ Business/Vocational Tech. Ed., Visual Arts,Financial Literacy , Electives.


    Requirements to be part of our program: 

    • Be a New Jersey resident.
    • Provide a copy of your latest transcript.
    • If the person is under 18, they will need to have parental consent.
    • Courses are from Monday to Thursday, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


    The Perth Amboy Adult School is located at 178 Barracks Street, Perth Amboy NJ 08861

    The main office is on the 2nd floor, office 205.

    For further information, please call (732)-376-6242 @ Ext.31422 or contact the Site Coordinator, via email at