Erica Mateo-Baez

 Academic Counselor



Degrees and Certifications:

Academic Counselor

Ms. Erica Mateo-Baez is one of the School Counselors at the Personalized Learning Program. She has served in public education for six years. Ms. Mateo-Baez attended LaGuardia Community College where she obtained an Associate of Science in Computer Programming, and later on, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Ashford University. She is a great believer of the phrase "where there is a will there is a way", and knowing the importance of education, Ms. Mateo-Baez attained her Master of Science in Education from Alfred University. One of Ms. Mateo-Baez’s greatest strengths is helping others realize their potential by focusing on their accomplishments and reflecting on past successes to help promote positive self-concept. She enjoys spending time with her family. One of Ms. Mateo-Baez’s favorite quotes is “Begin each day with optimism and end each day with forgiveness. Happiness in life begins and ends with your heart.” ~ Doe Zantamata