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Mr. David E Spayder II

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Mr. David E Spayder II

Virtual Learning

My email is davispayder@paps.net. 

If you have any questions comments or just want to say 'hello', please contact me directly. 

For all work and assignments, I am using your Homeroom Teacher's Google Classroom code.




Below are the classes I will be teaching during the 2020-2021 School Year.
     Physical Education                                                  Health
Miss. Bosques (Thur. & Fri.)                                          Ms. Cascone & Mrs. Azenheimer (Fri.)
Ms. Cascone & Mrs. Azenheimer (Wed. & Thur.)              Ms. Cohorsky & Mrs. Magtalas (Fri.)
Ms. Cohorsky & Mrs. Magtalas (Wed. & Thur.)                Ms. Conquest (Mon.)
Ms. Conquest (Tue.)                                                    Mr. Hanson & Mrs. Yohananov (Tue.)
Mr. Hanson & Mrs. Yohananov (Mon.)                            Mrs. Javier & Ms. Moskowitz (Thur.)
Ms. Javier & Ms. Moskowitz (Wed. & Fri.)                       Mrs. Rivera (Mon.)                                
Mrs. Nota (Tue. & Wed.)                                               Mrs. Rudowitz (Tue.)                                  
Ms. Palmer (Tue.)                                                        Mrs. Ruiz (Tue.)                      
Ms. Rodrigues (Thur. & Fri.)                                          Ms. Rodrigues (Wed.)
Mrs. Rudowitz (Mon.)                                 
Ms. Ruiz (Mon. & Wed.)                           
Mrs. Vince (Mon. & Tue.)                          

I hope everyone is staying safe!!

Step by step guides on how to access and use google classroom, click on the links below.

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Parents Guide To Google Classroom